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This is helpful.

It's simple and easy to keep track of. Now that I know the basics I could probably make an animated one already, but you're gonna have to teach me and others how to make it stop being animated when stationary.

I look forward to your next step. :)

Alright, I can see the foundations developing here

Here are some things I'd like you to make in the full version.
1- Skybox, Where ever I look the sun is always in the centre of the sky.
2- More detailed terrain. If you can't manage to make hills or anything, work on some textures.
3- More road, this kinda fits into the terrain section.
4- another in simmilar workign to terrain - Object such as buildings and trees.
5- The hardest one: Improved physics. When I let go of the up arrow button the car stops instantly. Try to develop a code that will allow it to accelerate and decelerate smoothly.

If you master all of this in your oncomming game then it should be front page material. You've obviously figured out how to make a 3d level. Perhaps a 3d car as well.

I'm not saying that this will be easy. I'm just reccomending it. Good luck.

Simple but much fun.

It was a very simple game but your animation, music and graphics made it front page material. Keep it up. :D

One of the best games I've played in flash.

This is a great game. The music is great for a loop, catchy and just like something from any war film. The game play is simple and fun. And the missions vary, not too badly but in a nice simple way. And to round it all up the game length leaves you wanting more. So I'd reccomend this as a role model to any person who wants to make a shooter in flash.

It's alright

It's an ok practice place for CS users - that is of course if all the other CS players didn't keep killing me in one hit. lol

But yeah, you've done it well, and seems perfectly like counter strike.

Just pointing out to the geezer below me.

Err Excalibur 'TooCool101' has beaten your score with: 29127 On a personal best score.


It's a pretty cool game. And I laughed when I saw the anti cheat thing.

It's nice, content, and overall a good puzzle.

I like it, like the person below me, I'm gonna mention the smooth graphics and movement. the sound was also peaceful to. :P

I'm impressed

An amzing game for flash. the weapons were amazing. The AK-47 and the chainsaw were my best weapons.
I like the idea of it aswell. Just one of those games where all you really need to do is destroy.

Ok, I think I've prooved I'm good.

Well I've played this game enough times to say: I can accomplish all the missions without one fail.

I'm Your average guy who likes to be balanced. Does like to look at the bright side of things unless I'm really pissed off. :)

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