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Entry #1

Waiting for Collage.

2008-08-06 16:12:22 by mastermalpass

Life is pretty boring at the moment. I finished school what feels like yonks ago. And college is miles and miles away.

My mates are all getting exited abour our Exam results on August 21st..... That's more than two weeks away. And as I have no occupation apart from my annoyign part time job that's gonna feel like forever.

So every thing I do for the rest of this month will be something to pass the time of WAITING. Waiting for college.

Still I suppose I've got newgrounds and have found myself spending more time on here lately.


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2008-10-22 17:50:22

dost thou rememberest me?


2008-11-26 18:56:30



2009-01-06 17:37:51

BTW i love your sig <3


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