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2009-01-27 18:57:17 by mastermalpass

Wow, it's been ages since I last posted in here. My last post was complaining about the long wait for college and I've been going to college for four months now.

Any way. I am supprised to find life a little boring. It seems interesting for everyone else though. Ok, my life doesn't have all the big disasters and bad things going on, or I just don't look at such things in a bad way. But at least their life has a little drama in. I need stuff to talk about. I'm getting very quiet these days since I'm finding myself with less to chat about, apart from my friends on newgrounds and shit.

I've really gotta do some interesting shit to talk about. I suppose it's the new year, and even though I resent to waiting for the new year to make changes, I'm gonna make some resolutions any way which hit the new year coincidentially.

Listen to people more - The reason I'm never with it is because I'm always asleep.

Do some different stuff - it's been yonks since my days have had a bit of colour in. You could pretty much some up a month with 16 colours. I want at least 256.

OH HI! You've been reading this? By all means leave a comment if you feel like it. ANYTHING, It can't be more random and crap than what I always talk about. =]


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2009-01-27 19:12:29

Hehe... hopefully, life will be not so boring after a while.


2009-02-09 14:03:48

u fukin sik dick! only boring people get bored!


2009-05-22 20:08:22

Write about how much you love your life and that it's so interesting and worthy and how your sex life is going great and your social skills are really improving and your financial position is finally looking up... totally.


2009-07-05 19:49:24

--------->Your siggy's the shit, mastermalpass! Me RIKEY!
Oh yeah and thanks for NOT finding recreational slaying a personal habit, as well!
Why am I ending EVERY statement in an exclamation point?! --IDK--
Sorry your life is boring. Things'll pick up, don't worry. Someday you'll have so many things on your mind you won't KNOW what to do. For now, enjoy your peace in solitude.
If you're ever infinitely bored shitless...feel free to PM meh! Until then...

.........Take care, be good and avoid senseless slaughter.period


2010-06-21 07:20:37

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