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Entry #3

Oooooh, A NEW post! =D

2009-08-14 17:24:24 by mastermalpass

So I've been thinking I should make an update - seing as I rarely do.

In the last couple posts I've been complaining about boredom, and I think this summer is starting to wash it away. I've been up to a lot so far. Besides gaming and working. I've had family over, gone a few places. I'm about to go on holiday, OH and my bro got engaged!

These holidays would be good to start driving lessons. So as soon as I have some money, I'll be on the road.

Also, I've entered a competition by E4 called "we want your ESting!" You make a 10 second animation, and he top prize is £5000 so if you're an animator then I sugest you enter.

I made one called Alien walker, when the competition's over I'll upload it here even though it may not pass judgement because of it's length.

I think that's all for now.



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2009-08-31 19:26:26

Yay, mastermalpass------>
Here's to wishing you the best of luck on winning that loot. Is there some sort of promotional prize too, like being featured on a website or something? That'd be cool as all get out, Man! *crosses my fingers for you winning the competition*
How's everything been? Well I hope! Haven't heard back from you in awhile, Silly. Good luck with school and all that jazz, Mate!
Until next time. . .

..........Take care, be good and WIN, WIN, WIN
that competition, Boy!exclamation point

mastermalpass responds:


Thanks for wishing me luck. Doesn't seem like most of the guys on E4 really like my piece. I'm guessing it's not the quality of my animation that bugs them so much as the idea. Too bad I can't upload more than one hey?